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I was never a huge fan of Say Anything…but I think that was because of Lloyd Dobler’s hardware…this…I can get behind #beatsarmy #bass #sayanything

I was never a huge fan of Say Anything…but I think that was because of Lloyd Dobler’s hardware…this…I can get behind #beatsarmy #bass #sayanything

For all my Cleveland sports fans. 

Cost of Being Mayor? $650 Million, if He’s Rich

Want to Make the World a Better place? Then Cash is King

While many people have shared their dislike of the mayor and his wealth the facts are clear…he is the best Mayor ever.  Not because he revolutionized the role of the mayor in one of the most complex city dynamics in the world, but because he delivered results at a tremendous financial cost to himself.  He brought that championship DNA and passion for success and results with him into the Mayor’s office and changed the DNA of mayoring in NYC. 

We can praise all these other great civil mayors who have served as civil servants that were not billionaires, but the changes they enacted were always limited due to their inability to retain the mayorship while dealing with the financial muscle of interest groups.

Bloomberg showed everyone in the world that there is another and better way.  If you are lucky to be a billionaire and decide to be a mayor you can do an immense amount of good by rethinking convention and rapidly accelerate the growth trajectory of a city.  

And in many ways it begs the question…why don’t all great American cities convince innovative and social thinking wealthy individuals to come forth and lead them.  

While its probably unpopular…you can’t help but wonder…what changes would be made to LA, Chicago, Detroit if a Bloomberg type individual decided to step forward and take the reigns.  How much would Detroit improve is they had someone like Bill Gates be the acting mayor for 3 terms.  How would LA look if Jeff Bezos decided to have 3 terms as the mayor?  Or give it a few years, but imagine Mark Zuckerberg leading the charge to improve Chicago. 

As much as we hate to admit it….those cities would all change for the better.  Civil servants seem to have this innate displeasure of ultra wealthy individuals because those individuals often times contrast the city process.

Civil servants love all those social conversations that arrive from that process but Bloomberg showed that if you want to fix things and make them better…you don’t need as much discourse but you need cold hard cash

Everyone needs a playlist for new years.  Here’s mine!  Enjoy and happy new year!

"An honest man is one who knows that he can’t consume more than he has produced."

McDonald's McResource Problem: Even Good Advice Can't Make Up for Low Wages - Businessweek

Companies be completely aware that your identity to consumers is the culture you portray. McDonalds used to symbolize your first job, hard work, and the American ethos. Many CEOs discuss how they got their first job at McDonalds, which is where they learned all their job skills and found their work ethic. Now Mickey Ds symbolizes everything that is wrong with modern America.

Sad how the titans fall.

"Time without consciousness—lower animal world; time with consciousness—man; consciousness without time—some still higher state."

no this quote is not from the new #needforspeed movie 

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