Glitz, Glam and SpaceX: Inside Elon Musk's Dragon V2 Spaceship (Video)

September 22, 2013 – 11:42 am
Gallery Image After a few more comments, and after a classic launch countdown accompanied by disco lighting, he gestured to the curtained stage behind him, and the cover fluttered away to more applause, cheers and whistles. There, in picture-perfect lighting and with a foggy mist rolling out from underneath, was theDragon Version 2.

Comparison to the first version was easy and immediate since the first Dragon to return from orbit was hung overhead, scarred sides and heat shield clearly visible. Version 2 is markedly larger, sports three large windows on and to each side of the hatch, and, most remarkably, four landing legs sprouting from the bottom. [Elon Musk: Why Dragon V2? Because 'Russians Overcharge' (Video)]

The manned version of SpaceX's Dragon capsule will land using thrusters on Earth, as shown in this artist illustration.
Credit: SpaceX

Next, a highly produced video was shown on two large screens, simulating a flight of the new craft, culminating with a rocket-braked landing on terra firma. Afterward, Elon Musk noted that the braking rockets are continuously monitored, and should there be any indication of imminent failure, parachutes would be deployed to facilitate a safe, but surely jolting, touchdown.

After the video and some more description, a set of "comically vast" stairs was rolled on-stage and he continued the tour from inside the craft.


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