SpaceX Engineering JobsFebruary 8, 2017 – 07:06 pm

SpaceX Engineering Jobs

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has drawn some comparisons to Apple cofounder Steve Jobs and at least one SpaceX employee thinks those comparisons are warranted. An anonymous SpaceX engineer took to Quora recently to tell the world what it’s really like working for Musk and it seems that he’s just as insanely demanding and difficult to work with as Jobs once was. “Elon’s version of reality is highly skewed, ” the engineer writes…

Which Port is SpaceX ASDS in?February 7, 2017 – 07:05 pm

Which Port is SpaceX ASDS in?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — In the early morning hours of Jan. 10, Space Exploration Technologies ( SpaceX ) attempted a feat that had never been done before — land a first stage rocket booster on a floating barge. The landing was not a success, as the booster slammed into the ship upon impact. Elon Musk’s, SpaceX CEO, preliminary report indicated that the ship itself was fine; however, there was evidence of damage to support equipment. A full picture of…

News for SpaceXFebruary 6, 2017 – 07:05 pm

News for SpaceX

Image via SpaceX SpaceX s path toward sending up manned spacecraft could get a lot rockier if the budget bill approved by the Senate Appropriations subcommittee becomes law. The Commercial Crew program contracted both SpaceX and Boeing to build crewed spaceships, and it needs $1.2 billion next year to keep on schedule according to NASA. But the bill only allows approved $900 million for the program. That may seem like a lot, but it could significantly… از بین بردن جای جوش

Did SpaceX Recover the First StageFebruary 2, 2017 – 06:48 pm

Did SpaceX Recover the First Stage

Encouraged by the soft landing of a Falcon 9 rocket s first stage in the Atlantic Ocean after liftoff April 18, SpaceX plans a series of stage retrieval tests over the next few months, but only on missions where the launcher has enough leftover fuel to accomplish the complicated re-entry maneuvers required to safely return a rocket to Earth. A still frame from a video recording showing the Falcon 9 first stage descending toward the Atlantic Ocean…

SpaceX Mars ProjectJanuary 31, 2017 – 06:41 pm

SpaceX Mars Project

This still from a SpaceX mission concept video shows a Dragon space capsule landing on the surface of Mars. SpaceX s Dragon is a privately built space capsule to carry unmanned payloads, and eventually astronauts, into space. Credit: SpaceX Elon Musk, the billionaire founder and CEO of the private spaceflight company SpaceX, wants to help establish a Mars colony of up to 80, people by ferrying explorers to the Red Planet for perhaps $500, a trip…

Does SpaceX have a StockJanuary 27, 2017 – 06:26 pm

Does SpaceX have a Stock

NEW YORK (TheStreet) - A plan that would have Google (GOOGL - Get Report ) become a major investor in Elon Musk s SpaceX to help fund and launch hundreds of satellites that would bring the Internet to every corner of the globe will not pose an immediate threat to land-based telecommunications companies. The idea has Google investing $1 billion in SpaceX to provide satellite Internet service to areas not currently served. This would allow SpaceX to…

SpaceX Stock MarketJanuary 24, 2017 – 06:02 pm

SpaceX Stock Market

Slide 1 of 4 Privately held SpaceX has put its images in the public domain — available for anyone to use and share — at the stroke of a tweet. Chief Executive Elon Musk, who is also chief executive of Tesla Motors Inc. TSLA, +1.74% first tweeted over the weekend that the images would be available under a Creative Commons License, which can be restrictive. SpaceX Photos Are Now Available Under a Creative Commons License — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) Last…

When is SpaceX Going to MarsJanuary 22, 2017 – 05:44 pm

When is SpaceX Going to Mars

The Dragon spacecraft is already tasked with delivering supplies to the International Space Station, an important mission given the kind of work the facility does, but Elon Musk and SpaceX are interested in bigger and brighter things, like bringing man to Mars. Musk talked about traveling to Mars in an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit, dropping hints of future SpaceX plans. While it would seem that SpaceX is mainly focused on the Dragon spacecraft…

SpaceX Lands Contract to Fly to MoonJanuary 11, 2017 – 04:58 pm

SpaceX Lands Contract to Fly to Moon

Dragon is packed with 4, 387 lbs. (2, 015 kilograms) of food, scientific experiments and other supplies for this trip, including a technology demonstration called ISSpresso, which should allow astronauts to make coffee, tea and other hot drinks aboard the orbiting lab. If all goes according to plan, Dragon will arrive at the space station early Wednesday morning (April 15), then zip around Earth with the 0 billion orbiting complex for about five weeks…

Colonization of Mars NASAJanuary 10, 2017 – 04:51 pm

Colonization of Mars NASA

Mars One co-founder Bas Lansdorp addresses the Million Martian Meeting in Washington, D.C. on Aug. 3, 2013 to discuss plans for a Mars colony mission in 2023. Credit: Lewis The colonists will be sent in groups of four, and the first group will have two men and two women, hailing from four different continents. The company is accepting applications from anyone over the age of 18, through August 31. The response has been overwhelming — as of May, some…