How Elon Musk plans to get to Mars, via Seattle: What the SpaceX founder said at that private event

September 13, 2016 – 09:03 pm

muskelon121If Seattle needs inspiration to think big, it has arrived in the form of Elon Musk.

The SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO took the stage at Seattle Center on Friday and delivered his vision for creating an entirely new satellite Internet network that he believes could ultimately lead to the establishment of a city on Mars.

It was a private event, and no media were allowed, but nothing is truly private these days, especially when there’s 400 tech-savvy people in the room. A full video of Musk’s talk, taken by someone in the audience, was posted on YouTube this weekend. We’ve embedded the video above and transcribed the talk below.

IMG_4691Wearing a black insulated jacket and white shirt, Musk stood alone on stage, speaking and answering questions for nearly 30 minutes. He started by outlining the plans for SpaceX’s new Seattle-area office, and explaining the short-term goal of the satellite venture.

“We want to revolutionize the satellite side of things just as we’ve done with the rocket side of things, ” he said.

But that’s just the beginning. Revealing his grand vision, Musk explained that the funds and technology from the Space X satellite Internet venture will ultimately be used to colonize Mars.IMG_4838 He later teased ahead to an upcoming announcement, potentially later this year, about a new “transport architecture” that would ultimately make human travel to the Red Planet economical.

Musk went on to explain why the company picked the Seattle region as the home of the new venture: “There’s a huge amount of talent in the Seattle area, and a lot of you guys, it seems, don’t want to move to L.A., ” he said, to laughter.

IMG_4692SpaceX, which launched the first commercial supply missions to the International Space Station, is based in Hawthorne, Calif.

Musk also talked about lessons learned from the failure of Teledesic, a previous effort to create a satellite Internet constellation, funded by Seattle-area wireless pioneer Craig McCaw and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.

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