What is this structure at the SpaceX McGregor, TX test site?

April 30, 2015 – 08:51 am

enter image description hereIn a NASA TV Press conference, before the first pad abort, Hans Konnigsman noted that the pad abort will not be using a full rocket underneath it. (Makes sense, why potentially damage a $50 million vehicle that is not really needed).

He also said that they would not be using the full Transport Erector either.

Thus these parts looks like they may be the truss and a mounting bracket for the pad abort. Or they may be development models that were later refined for the actual test.

However, as the Pad Abort date approaches, SpaceX released a picture of the Dragon V2 on the pad below.

So unless the trunk like stage is the trunk in use here, it appears the truss segment is not being used.

Interestingly the notion of launching from a structure the same height as a Dragon for launch would be is no longer happening, and it will be aborting right from ground level.

Source: space.stackexchange.com

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  • avatar did anyone watch the NASA shuttle launch today (friday)? | Yahoo Answers
    • Yep thats steam. Its caused underneath the rockets because they produce a lot of heat which causes any residual water to boil creating steam.
      As for the steam around the fuel tanks, the fule they use is extremely cold while its held under pressure in the tanks. This often causes ice to form on the outside of the rockets/fuel tanks which again can cause water vapour in the air.

  • avatar Man, who watched the shuttle launch today? | Yahoo Answers
    • That is cool. I went to a launch years ago, got there while it was early and still dark. Alligators were coming up on the bank and the front row kept scattering lol. And THEN the shuttle didn't even take off. But it was still exciting.