SpaceX crs-7 ReportSeptember 23, 2017 – 07:08 am

SpaceX crs-7 Report

SpaceX CRS-7 lifted off from Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at 10:21 a.m. EDT today, on the company’s seventh resupply mission to the International Space Station. At roughly 139 seconds after launch, the Falcon 9 rocket experienced an anomaly which resulted in the loss of the vehicle. Prior to launch, the SpaceX team was not tracking any issues. SpaceX will lead the accident investigation with support from NASA and oversight…

Elon Musk Biography BloombergSeptember 19, 2017 – 06:58 am

Elon Musk Biography Bloomberg

On Fridays, Elon Musk gathers his engineers in an old hangar in Los Angeles. The building, next to a municipal airport a couple miles south of the Hollywood Park race track and casino, is now a research and development facility for Musk’s electric car company, (TSLA). Musk uses these meetings to check the team’s progress and give straightforward, often withering, design critiques. During one such session in July, versions of the Model S sedan and…

What is Elon Musk nationality?September 17, 2017 – 06:50 am

What is Elon Musk nationality?

Elon Musk is a magnet for accolades. With all the high praise for the Tesla and SpaceX chief executive, it can blur together and become trite. But one of the more interesting appraisals of Musk comes from his cousin, Lyndon R. Rive, who is the chief executive of SolarCity. (Musk is the chairman of SolarCity’s board and its largest shareholder.) If you’ve not seen the Matrix, watch the Matrix. Elon is Neo. He sees these zeroes and ones. And he just… هاست python

Elon Musk South AfricaSeptember 15, 2017 – 06:46 am

Elon Musk South Africa

South African born and raised tech entrepreneur Elon Musk at a presentation in the US on Thursday night announced the development of a new battery system that can store solar energy for later use. The battery, known as the Powerwall, addresses a key obstacle to wider use of renewable energy sources: The obvious problem with solar power is that the sun does not shine at night,he said at the Los Angeles-area design studio of his electric car company…

SpaceX crs-7 Launch TimeSeptember 12, 2017 – 06:35 am

SpaceX crs-7 Launch Time

Right now, eight of our Dove satellites are packed in their NanoRacks deployers on SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule. We’re calling these satellites “Flock 1f”. On Sunday, June 28, at 10:21am (EDT), the Falcon 9 Launch Vehicle will launch, carrying the Dragon capsule and Flock 1f to the International Space Station (ISS). SpaceX calls this mission: CRS-7, the seventh of twelve SpaceX ISS resupply missions. The unmanned Falcon 9 rocket will launch in an instantaneous…

Elon Musk x PrizeSeptember 3, 2017 – 10:52 am

Elon Musk x Prize

By Douglas Messier Parabolic Arc Managing Editor Elon Musk has made his first appearance on the Forbes list of the world’s billionaires. The 40-year-old entrepreneur has landed at 634 on the list with an estimated net worth of $2 billion. Musk has developed the Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon vehicle to send cargo and crew to the International Space Station. His company, SpaceX, has received money under NASA’s COTS (for cargo) and CCDev (crew) programs…

Elon Musk SpaceX Iron ManSeptember 2, 2017 – 10:52 am

Elon Musk SpaceX Iron Man

Share This article Elon Musk and his fellow engineers at SpaceX have combined the Leap Motion gesture-sensing controller, the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, and a metal-printing 3D printer to create “the future of design.” The video, published by SpaceX (embedded below) and starring Musk, shows what it might be like if engineers could create and manipulate designs with just their hands, like Tony Stark in Iron Man . Leap Motion, as you’re probably…

Elon Musk Solar CompanySeptember 1, 2017 – 10:46 am

Elon Musk Solar Company

The system could easily take a home off the power grid, especially with the use of many solar panels, Musk said By Benjamin Hulac and ClimateWire | May 1, 2015 Musk introduced the Tesla Powerwall, a wall-mounted lithium-ion electric battery for homes and small businesses, and the Tesla Powerpack, a heftier version of the same core product designed for utility-scale use. Credit: Tesla From a man who made his name and charted his career with lofty goals…

Elon Musk net Worth August 2013August 31, 2017 – 10:42 am

Elon Musk net Worth August 2013

The inspiration for the big-screen character of Tony Stark, alter ego of Iron Man, is our 2012 Achiever of the Year, Elon Musk, a self-made superhero doing more to preserve humankind than all The Avengers combined. Chris Raymond When you work on an epic scale, tossing out huge ideas as if they were pennies aimed at a wishing well, you get used to hearing the word crazy. For Elon Musk, the term springs up so frequently, he might as well print it…

What Companies does Elon Musk Own?August 29, 2017 – 10:36 am

What Companies does Elon Musk Own?

Don t like school? If you re Elon Musk, start your own. Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images This originally appeared on Elon Musk didn t like his kids school, so he started his own, the inventor and entrepreneur said in an interview on Beijing Television. The school is called Ad Astra—which means To the stars —and is small and relatively secretive. It doesn t have its own website or a social media presence. Christina Simon, , has done some digging…