Tesla Motors Inc. CEO Elon Musk Likely to Talk New Vehicles on Tuesday

October 7, 2017 – 07:48 am

Model XOn Tuesday, Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO will take the stage at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., for the electric-car maker's 2015 shareholder meeting. If the annual meeting plays out anything like it did last year, Musk will give a brief presentation with some updates on Tesla's business and then field questions from shareholders.

While the topics covered during next week's meeting will likely vary widely, including progress on construction of the Gigafactory, an update on demand for the Model S, and a look back at Model S features launched in the last 12 months (Tesla announced dual motor and advanced autopilot last October and a 70 kilowatt hour entry-level battery for the Model S in April), one topic will likely stand above the rest: Tesla's plans for entirely new vehicles.

A prototype of the Tesla Model X (right) and the production version of the Model S (left). Image source: Tesla Motors.

Today, virtually all of Tesla's revenue is derived from sales of the Model S, the company's luxury sedan. However, as Tesla's business grows and it continues to invest aggressively in production capacity that won't always be the case. Two new models are on the way: The Model X and the Model 3.

Is the Model X on schedule?
When Tesla first unveiled the prototype for the Model X, the company planned on launching the fully electric sport utility vehicle in late 2013. Two years later, the SUV has been delayed a handful of times and still hasn't been brought to market.

Tesla GigafactoryYou can bet the pressure is on. Because Tesla began taking pre-orders for the Model X in 2013, some customers have been waiting years. Even more, Model X pre-orders require a deposit of , 000 in the U.S., so some customers have already made a sizable monetary investment in their new vehicle. Tesla said in its fourth-quarter 2014 quarterly letter to shareholders that it entered the year with over 20, 000 Model X pre-orders on its books.

In its last update on the Model X schedule, the company said it would finally allow customers with pre-orders to begin configuring their vehicle specs in July. Furthermore, Tesla said it expected to begin delivering the vehicle to customers in September.

Any new details on the Model 3?
Tesla only sells its $75, 000 plus-priced Model S today, and the Model X won't be any cheaper. But it has always been the company's mission to use the gross profit from its premium-priced vehicles to help build a more affordable vehicle.

And Tesla has been doing just that. The primary purpose for the under-construction $5 billion Gigafactory in Nevada is to provide the battery production needed for the expected higher demand for a Tesla vehicle with a significantly lower price point.

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