Book Review: The Art of Dead Space – Author Martin Robinson

February 11, 2011 – 09:51 am

Since its initial launch in 2008, Dead Space has sold over 4.5 million units. It’s one of the most successful and highly-rated modern video game franchises, paving the way for rather lucrative merchandising opportunities. In addition to three acclaimed first-person shooter/survival horror games, the series also spawned spin-off games, films, novels, comic books, soundtracks, action figures, T-shirts and more.

To coincide with the highly-anticipated release of Dead Space 3, Titan Books has published The Art of Dead Space. Not to be confused with The Art of Dead Space: Designing a Nightmare, a much more modest look at the original game published by Chronicle Books in 2008 (now out-of-print), The Art of Dead Space includes varying stages of artwork from all three of the video games, two spin-offs (Extraction and Ignition) and two graphic novels (Salvage and Liberation).

The book is authored by gaming journalist Martin Robinson, who previously worked with Titan Books on the similarly-themed Halo: The Art of Building Worlds. After a nice foreword by Dead Space 1 and 2 art director Ian Milham, Robinson writes his own introduction, which name-checks such genre favorites as H.P. Lovecraft, Bela Lugosi, The Thing and Silent Hill.

The tome is then divided up by subject: Isaac, the series’ iconic hero; The USG Ishimura, the planet crack starship where much of the action takes place; Machinery, including the future’s various tools, vehicles and more; The Marker and Unitology, the unique religion that drives the story; Necromorphs, the twisted monsters; The Sprawl, a key space station in the second game; Dead Moon Rising, about the third game’s New Horizons Lunar Colony; and Graphic Novels.


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