PayPal founder Elon Musk gives his British actress wife just $4.2million in divorce... despite being worth $2BILLION

January 7, 2018 – 10:33 am
  • Elon Musk has is divorcing Talulah Riley, a 26-year-old British actress, after two years of marriage
  • Mr Must - called Tony Stark without the Iron Man suit - has founded four successful companies including Telsa Motors and Space X
  • Ms Riley gets to keep her Cartier and Gucci watches, diamond jewelry and her $110, 00 Tesla Roadster

Talulah Riley is getting $4.2million in her divorce from PayPal founder and Silicon Valley golden boy Elon Musk.

It's not a bad sum for the 26-year-old British actress, considering the marriage lasted just two years.

The divorce deal looks a little less generous in light of Mr Musk's net worth, which is an estimated $2billion - the result of a fantastically successful career in the tech industry.

Payoff: Talulah Riley, 26, was with billionaire playboy Elon Musk, 41, for four years. They were married for two years, but separated after just 10 months of marriage

Mr Musk - whom the New York Times called 'Tony Stark without the Iron Man suit' - is paying off his second wife over the course of nine years, TMZ reports

But, in the interim, Ms Riley gets to keep her Cartier and Gucci watches, an assortment of diamond jewelry and her 0, 000 Tesla Roadster.

Content: Ms Riley's lawyers aren't contesting the meager settlement

She received .4million up front as an initial payoff, according to court documents.

Mr Musk, a South African who attended the University of Pennsylvania, made his fortune by founding a series of highly-successful ventures - beginning with Zip2, which produced online content publishing software that was purchased in 1999 for nearly $340million.

Later, for his next venture, Mr Musk helped create PayPal, the online money transfer and payment service. Ebay bought PayPal for $1.2billion in 2002.

He founded Space X later that year - a outer space exploration company. In 2009, the company launched the first privately-owned liquid-fueled rocket ever to enter space. Space X now has a contract to deliver cargo to the International Space Station that is worth between $1.6billion and $3.1billion.

Mr Musk also founded Tesla Motors, an electric car company that had a $226million initial public offering in 2010.

For all his wealth, Ms Riley seems content with the $4.2million figure. Her lawyers haven't contested the offer from Mr Musk, age 41 - which amounts to little more than pocket change for a man who spends a reported $200, 000 a month on personal expenses.

In 2010, Mr Musk finalized the divorce with his first wife, Canadian fantasy novelist Justine Musk, who is the mother of his two sons.


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