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March 17, 2017 – 09:13 pm
SpaceX 02:59 10/2003 Video Founding of Paypal

After his company zip2, Musk started exploring other opportunities on the web. He realized that money required low bandwidth and there was not enough innovation in the financial industry. Musk shares how he arrived at the idea of PayPal.

SpaceX 03:15 10/2003 Video Success Through Viral Marketing: PayPal

Musk talks about how PayPal is a perfect case of viral marketing where one customer acts as a sales person by sending money to a friend and hence recruiting another customer. By the end of the second year, PayPal had a million customers with no sales force and no advertising budget, he says.

SpaceX 01:22 10/2003 Video Selling the Company: Paypal to eBay

Musk talks about how PayPal went public in 2002 February. Shortly thereafter a deal with eBay was struck, he says.

SpaceX 01:13 10/2003 Video Opportunities in Space: Mars Oasis

Early in 2002, Musk started doing some research on space. Every other sector where technology was used had improved dramatically but he did not understand why space exploration not done so. He talks about the idea behind project Mars Oasis" and his visits to Moscow to buy a Russian launch. Following his visit he put together a group of experts to study the feasibility of making lower cost launches in the US."

SpaceX 04:23 10/2003 Video Space Travel Today

Musk talks about the problems with space exploration in the US in the 22nd century. The long term plans are to have something cheaper and safer. In Russia, it is safer and cheaper and they have a better track record. They are constrained however by the weakness of the Russian economy. China is expected to launch their first person into space this month, becoming the third country to put a person into the orbit. They have great ambitions and are planning to set up a space station on Mars and eventually sending humans to Mars. In the US, once enterprises enter this space with an entrepreneurial spirit, Musk hopes to see the same growth seen in the internet. Musk talks about efforts that are already in the pipe line.

SpaceX 06:33 10/2003 Video Positioning...

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    • Ah - he's just out for the $$$. He is Mr Paypal. Yes, that's him. He is behind that and Tesla cars.
      He isn't into having fun, really. Too bad. He isn't like Richard Branson.