Here's Why We'll Miss Jon Stewart On "The Daily Show" (Part 2)

April 27, 2015 – 04:46 pm

As Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" reign comes to an end, we took a look back at some classic moments when Stewart and his crew turned their attention to the technology world. Here are some of the show's best tech-related clips. (Part 1 here)

On Steve Jobs' Death: Your Moment of Zen, Steve Jobs's Commencement Speech (2011) Jon Stewart Interviews Steve Jobs' Biographer Walter Isaacson (2011) Jon Stewart On The SOPA Act (2012) Jon Stewart Interviews Tesla's Elon Musk (2012) Jon Stewart On Google's Mysterious Barge (2013) Jon Stewart On Social Networks (2013) Lewis Black On Future Technology (2013) Jon Stewart On Steve Jobs' Tax Bill (2013) Jason Jones On Google Glass (2014) Jon Stewart Talks Pono With Neil Young (2014)


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