Elon Musk Style [Entrepreneur]

August 21, 2016 – 07:58 pm

Elon Musk in a Tuxedo - Art of StyleElon Musk is known to voice out his almost impossible-to-achieve imagination – such as making quiet flying cars, submarine cars and high speed transportation system—and eventually making them happen. And he is not your stereotypical technology savvy entrepreneur who wears a drab attire of old t-shirt, hoodies, unflattering fit of old jeans and thick geek glasses. He is, in fact, an attractive 42-year-old who wears stylish clothes, drives handsome cars and is a billionaire to boot.

Musk is the CEO of, the company making revolutionary electric cars already in use by Hollywood A-listers such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio.Elon Musk Style - Art of Style He is an entrepreneur, engineer and inventor who leads space vehicle manufacturer, software company Zip2, SolarCity, is part of the, as well as concept of the future transport system Hyperloop.

Unlike most geeks, he isn’t shy of the limelight, having been on the news quite often, not only on subjects of his innovations and net worth but also for controversies surrounding his divorce, custody of his twins and triplets, libels and breach of contracts. He also landed in cameo roles in films Iron Man 2 and Thank You for Smoking.

Elon Musk Lookbook - Art of Style - HuckleburyElon Musk Style

So the technology tycoon was in fact wearing ‘geek clothes’ including boring hoodies, sloppy colored t-shirts, baggy pants and probably some colorful socks in the mid-2000s. But Elon Musk is a forward-looking individual who, like his approach on innovation, willed to change with the times in upgrading his wardrobe. He isn’t oblivious on how smart dressing and good aesthetics can affect his business, commanding authority and interest to his visually-propelled clientele.

The innovator and leader that he is, Musk is now a rocket-notch above the rest of the geeks in personal style. Now he dresses like he’s always ready for a GQ photo shoot, of suit and tie or tight black t-shirts, leather jackets and designer jeans. He has transformed into a look, almost fitting of an eligible bachelor, you wouldn’t mind if he coughs topics like on your fantasy dinner date.

When invited for an interview, the 6-foot-1 wears a black polo shirt under a black jacket with jeans and aviator glasses. He drives around with his red Tesla roadster explaining electric cars and rockets, making them sound like girls and football.

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Source: artofstyle.hucklebury.com

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