Tesla Motors' Elon Musk is teasing Texas with talk of a Hyperloop

June 1, 2016 – 12:29 pm

It’s been more than a year since Tesla’s Elon Musk rolled out his so-called Hyperloop, which way out-high-speeds high-speed rail. As in: “Passengers [would travel] between Los Angeles and San Francisco in less than 30 minutes, thanks to an ultralight design and an innovative combination of air blades and a semi-evacuated tube.” The future!


And that was kind of it until December, when there was word that the future wasn’t just some idea left in the past. Then there was today’s Big Bit of Breaking News: Musk announced at the Texas Transportation Forum in Austin that he’s moving ahead with a test track. And it could be right here.

“Will be building a Hyperloop test track for companies and student teams to test out their pods, ” Musk tweeted, much to the delight of Logan’s Run fans. “Most likely in Texas.” Per Ars Technica’s senior reviews editor Lee Hutchinson, it would be five miles long.

“Also thinking of having an annual student Hyperloop pod racer competition, like Formula SAE, ” Musk added.

Of course, Texas has been teased by Musk before: Not long ago there was some speculation that Tesla Motors Inc. would build its $5-billion battery factory in southern Dallas County. Of course, it went to Nevada. Which wasn’t surprising. After all Tesla can’t even sell directly to customers in Texas. Maybe you can buy a pod. Hard to say. It’s early.

Musk has not said where in Texas he would put the test track, say his PR people. And it’s not clear how soon is soon.

Source: transportationblog.dallasnews.com

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