Elon Musk Blog Post On Tesla Fires

October 17, 2016 – 01:24 am

tesla fireTwitterTesla CEO Elon Musk has a new blog post addressing the news of his cars catching on fire.

The full post is below.

Musk reiterates that the Model S is one of the safest cars on the road.

"Despite multiple high-speed accidents, there have been no deaths or serious injuries in a Model S of any kind ever, " says Musk. "Of course, at some point, the law of large numbers dictates that this, too, will change, but the record is long enough already for us to be extremely proud of this achievement."

As for the reports of Teslas catching on fire, he says:

There are now substantially more than the 19, 000 Model S vehicles on the road that were reported in our Q3 shareholder letter for an average of one fire per at least 6, 333 cars, compared to the rate for gasoline vehicles of one fire per 1, 350 cars. By this metric, you are more than four and a half times more likely to experience a fire in a gasoline car than a Model S! Considering the odds in the absolute, you are more likely to be struck by lightning in your lifetime than experience even a non-injurious fire in a Tesla.

Those metrics tell only part of the story. The far more deadly nature of a gasoline car fire deserves to be re-emphasized. Since the Model S went into production mid last year, there have been over 400 deaths and 1, 200 serious injuries in the United States alone due to gasoline car fires, compared to zero deaths and zero injuries due to Tesla fires anywhere in the world.

There is a real, physical reason for this: a gasoline tank has 10 times more combustion energy than our battery pack. Moreover, the Model S battery pack also has internal firewalls between the 16 modules and a firewall between the battery pack and passenger compartment. This effectively limits the fire energy to a few percent that of a gasoline car and is the reason why Dr. Shibayama was able to retrieve his pens and papers from the glove compartment completely untouched after the recent fire (caused by a high speed impact with a tow hitch). It is also why arsonists tend to favor gasoline. Trying to set the side of a building on fire with a battery pack is far less effective.

Musk has a three-point plan to deal with Teslas catching on fire:

First, we have rolled out an over-the-air update to the air suspension that will result in greater ground clearance at highway speeds. To be clear, this is about reducing the chances of underbody impact damage, not improving safety. The theoretical probability of a fire injury is already vanishingly small and the actual number to date is zero. Another software update expected in January will give the driver direct control of the air suspension ride height transitions.

Source: www.businessinsider.com

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