Elon Musk Talks Tesla's Supercharger Future

March 12, 2014 – 03:38 pm

Map of charging stations, known as Superchargers, for Tesla vehicles in the United States.
“I traveled with my family from Los Angeles to South Dakota, to Mount Rushmore using the Supercharger network, ” Musk told U.S. News, boasting that Tesla drivers travel from New York to Los Angeles using the network.

To make the electric car economy more convenient, Musk has said Tesla would share its Supercharger network with automakers interested in helping to create an industry standard, if an automaker could design electric cars that meet the fast-charging standard of the Supercharger and offer free recharging to customers on that network.

"As Elon has repeatedly made clear...we are very open to have [electric vehicles] made by other manufacturers use Superchargers, " said an email from Alexis Georgeson, spokeswoman for Tesla. "They’d just have to contribute to the capital cost, such as determining what percentage of the time their cars are using the Supercharger network and making a contribution proportionate to that. The issue of non-Tesla [electric vehicles] currently being unable to use Superchargers comes down to the fact that no other electric car can accept anything close to 135kw, which is the power level of Tesla’s Superchargers."

Serial entrepreneur Musk made his fortune as a co-founder of PayPal, which was acquired by e-commerce giant eBay in 2002. Musk used his profits from the sale to fund rocket ship company Space Exploration Technologies in 2002. Musk founded Tesla in 2003 and solar energy company Solar City in 2006.

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During an exposition of the latest SpaceX Dragon craft Tuesday, Musk would not go into details about Supercharger patents. Instead, the futurist shared some of his hopes for the electric car battery economy, including Tesla’s plan to build a $5 billion “Gigafactory” to create lithium ion cells and perhaps make alternative energy vehicles a more affordable part of everyday life.

Source: www.usnews.com

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