SpaceX Elon Musk MarsAugust 27, 2017 – 10:33 am

SpaceX Elon Musk Mars

APElon Musk has his heart set on Mars. The billionaire entrepreneur seems to have his hands in every cutting edge tech field, and some of that tech is going to help land a human on Mars. To Mars Years ago, Musk was planning a simple philanthropic mission with the goal of increasing NASA s budget. I was confused as to why we had not yet sent a person to Mars,Musk said. It seemed like this was obviously the goal after the moon and we d not made progress… permanent makeup FL

Tesla CEO Elon Musk TwitterAugust 25, 2017 – 10:29 am

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Twitter

Toru Hanai | Reuters Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk. After rumors and suggestions of Tesla s September sales slowing caused the automakers shares to drop 5 percent Monday, CEO Elon Musk took to social media to shoot down the report. After the tweet, Tesla shares gained more than 2.5 percent in premarket trading Tuesday. The Wall Street Journal reported that said Tesla s U.S. sales were down 26 percent over the last nine months. On Tuesday…

Who is Elon Musk s Parents?August 24, 2017 – 10:24 am

Who is Elon Musk s Parents?

We idealize childhood as a time of innocence and freedom from responsibility. But the truth is, being a kid can be really rough. In part, this is because of other children. They can be awful to each other. Mean. When I was a kid, the smart, creative kids who dared to dress differently or speak up were often picked on during PE, recess, or lunch. My older brother was bullied so badly in elementary school that my parents took him out of the school and… تبلیغات اینترنتی رایگان

SpaceX 8 Launch dateAugust 22, 2017 – 10:20 am

SpaceX 8 Launch date

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, August 5th, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket lifted off from Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral, carrying the AsiaSat 8 satellite for Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company Limited (AsiaSat). The rocket lifted off at 4:00am EDT and delivered AsiaSat 8 to its target 185 x 35786 km geosynchronous transfer orbit at 24.3 degrees. This marks the eleventh successful flight in a row for Falcon 9, and will be followed shortly…

Elon Musk 12 AugustAugust 21, 2017 – 10:20 am

Elon Musk 12 August

REUTERS/Stephen Lam Tesla founder Elon Musk announced on Twitter that he will reveal the design of his Hyperloop on August 12. The Hyperloop is a transportation system Musk has been talking about for over a year now. He claims that it will be able to get people from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 minutes. He described it as a cross between a Concorde, a railgun and an air hockey table. On Twitter, Musk says he s going to make the design for…

SolarCity and Elon MuskAugust 18, 2017 – 10:17 am

SolarCity and Elon Musk

Tesla Motors won t want to buy SolarCity for its solar installations, it ll want the company because of the access and data those solar installations provide. Image: SolarCity. The more I think about it, the more I think Tesla Motors and SolarCity make more sense as one company than they do as separate entities. If Elon Musk is serious about revolutionizing energy as we know it he should combine his two energy empires and make the integration needed…

Elon Musk Top 100August 13, 2017 – 10:13 am

Elon Musk Top 100

Mark Seliger for TIME For a while now, space has been looking boring. News about space was reduced to budget cuts and deorbiting schedules, not research or innovation. Then the private sector began designing spaceships to send payloads and people into orbit and beyond. Today, teams like Elon Musk’s SpaceX are reopening space for exploration. I know a thing or two about building spaceships, having started Virgin Galactic. It might seem that would make…

Watch SpaceX Pad abortAugust 12, 2017 – 10:12 am

Watch SpaceX Pad abort

(Photo : YouTube Screenshot) SpaceX s Dragon capsule floats back down into the ocean after ejection test. As SpaceX gets closer to putting astronauts on their spacecraft, they are fine-tuning their equipment with the best possible security measures. According to CBS News, SpaceX performed a successful test of their astronaut ejection system earlier this month. The feature is designed to propel the astronaut from the spacecraft if something goes awry…

SpaceX Elon Musk interviewAugust 11, 2017 – 10:07 am

SpaceX Elon Musk interview

SpaceX s billionaire founder, Elon Musk, has a plan for putting humanity on Mars, and he s helping usher in a new age of SolarCity electricity and Tesla electric cars — but even he is worried about the potential for a Terminator -style robot apocalypse. There are some scary outcomes, and we should try to make sure the outcomes are good, not bad,Musk said on Tuesday during a CNBC interview. SpaceX s Elon Musk worries that not even the new Dragon…

SpaceX News TwitterAugust 6, 2017 – 09:53 am

SpaceX News Twitter

The Falcon 9 trying to right itself by firing its engines before landing. SpaceX When you own a private space-exploration company and something goes wrong with a rocket s landing, what do you do? Tweet out the images, of course. And post a Vine, natch. That s what SpaceX founder Elon Musk and his company did following last weekend s failed landing of a Falcon 9 rocket on a platform bobbing in the Atlantic Ocean. The video and the four tweets with…