Does Elon Musk Own TeslaJuly 7, 2017 – 08:43 am

Does Elon Musk Own Tesla

Tesla Motors is one of the most extraordinary business success stories in recent decades, in part because it has accomplished what no other American company has accomplished in more than half a century: Become a viable new car company. Many successful companies arrive at success only after going through near-death experiences, and Tesla went through one in 2008. In 2008, with the global economy melting down, Tesla was behind in delivering its first… permanent cosmetics NJ

Elon Musk Solar City StockJuly 1, 2017 – 08:24 am

Elon Musk Solar City Stock

By Originally published on . Elon Musk, already the chairman of rooftop solar installer SolarCity and its biggest shareholder, bought $5 million more of the company’s stock on Monday. Founder, chairman, and major shareholder — as well as the CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX — Elon Musk made use of Monday’s horrible stock market trends to pick up 123, 510 shares in SolarCity at $40.49 — a low that has not been surpassed since . This purchase, though impressive…

Tesla and SpaceX BlogsJune 26, 2017 – 08:12 am

Tesla and SpaceX Blogs

Matt Pressman Full disclosure: after reading this profile (referenced herein) a few years ago, I invested a somewhat significant amount into TSLA (Tesla Motors). Needless to say, I’m glad I did it. I decided to revisit it, and, share the “epiphany” that came about - strangely, it was the SpaceX story that convinced me (years back) that Elon Musk would have the “chops” to build Tesla into such a revolutionary car company. One of my all-time favorite…

Where is Elon Musk Right now?June 24, 2017 – 08:10 am

Where is Elon Musk Right now?

Musk (left) made the remarks in Nevada while announcing the state would be the site for Tesla s $5 billion battery factory. Gov. Brian Sandoval (left-background) says the move will bring Nevada some 6, 500 jobs Musk says investors should be in it for the long run. If you care about the long-term, Tesla, I think the stock is a good price,he told CNBC. If you look at the short term, it is less clear. Musk made the remarks to CNBC on Thursday as he…

SpaceX TV LiveJune 20, 2017 – 07:58 am

SpaceX TV Live

NASA Television will provide live coverage of the departure of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft from the International Space Station beginning at 9:30 a.m. EDT. Dragon was detached from the Earth-facing side of the station’s Harmony module earlier this morning. Mission control will maneuver Dragon into place then turn it over to Expedition 41 robotic arm operators Reid Wiseman and Barry Wilmore of NASA for release, scheduled for approximately 9:57 a.m…

SpaceX Musk TwitterJune 16, 2017 – 07:48 am

SpaceX Musk Twitter

On June 28, 2015, following a nominal liftoff, Falcon 9 experienced an overpressure event in the upper stage liquid oxygen tank approximately 139 seconds into flight, resulting in loss of mission. - SpaceX statement Final microseconds of NASA s Commercial Resupply mission CRS-7. Photo: NASA. In less than a tenth of a second, the explosion vaporized 4, pounds of supplies destined for ISS astronauts, along with a docking station that, if it had made…

SpaceX OCT 7 LaunchJune 11, 2017 – 07:36 am

SpaceX OCT 7 Launch

SpaceX s Falcon 9 rocket sits ready for a launch dress rehearsal at Florida s Cape Canaveral Air Force Station ahead of the Dragon space capsule s first contracted cargo run to the International Space Station. Credit: NASA A private space capsule s first contracted cargo mission to the International Space Station is slated to launch Oct. 7, NASA officials announced today (Sept. 20). SpaceX s robotic Dragon spacecraft is set to blast off atop the company…

Does Elon Musk Own PayPalJune 8, 2017 – 07:18 am

Does Elon Musk Own PayPal

‘This car is nuts, ’ Musk said while unveiling the Tesla D on Thursday evening, in his usually flamboyantly cool theatre. Photograph: LUCY NICHOLSON/REUTERS On Thursday night, Elon Musk announced a new two-motor car that everyone is interested in. It parks itself and can turn on its own air conditioning, sure, but people are interested in it because Elon Musk said it’s interesting – or at least because he teased on Twitter that he was about to “unveil…

Spacex-3June 6, 2017 – 07:05 am


By Ken Kremer The 30 day flight of the SpaceX-3 Dragon commercial cargo freighter loaded with a huge cache of precious NASA science experiments including a freezer packed with research samples ended today with a spectacular departure from the orbiting lab complex soaring some 266 miles (428 km) above Earth. Update 3:05 PM EDT May 18: SpaceX confirms successful splashdown at 3:05 p.m. EDT today. “Splashdown is confirmed!! Welcome home, Dragon!” Robotics…

SpaceX Merlin D EngineJune 4, 2017 – 07:05 am

SpaceX Merlin D Engine

According to Spaceflight 101, the chamber pressure is the same, but the expansion ratio (throat area to end-of-nozzle area) is 7 times larger in the vacuum variant, which (if correct) implies about 2.7 times the nozzle diameter if the throat is unchanged. The Wikipedia description of the 1C-vacuum says the expansion nozzle length is 2.7 meters, while the overall length of the first-stage 1C is only 2.9 meters long - roughly half of that being nozzle…