Tesla billionaire CEO Elon Musk paid peanuts: $35,360

June 12, 2018 – 06:25 pm
Tesla CEO Elon Musk made only ,360 at the company in 2014. (AFP/GettyElon Musk is a billionaire, but he earned less last year as CEO of Tesla Motors than some of the lowliest assembly-line workers. He made total compensation of $35, 360.

Of course, Musk is also CEO of rocket maker Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, a non-public company where he is conceivably pulling another paycheck.

But at Tesla (TSLA), which had a record year for deliveries and more rave reviews for deliveries of its electric Model S sedans, Musk earned the equivalent of $680 a week, according the proxy statement filed by the electric-car maker on Wednesday.

His total compensation was just his salary, with nothing extra for stock awards or options. He actually received a pay raise last year, rising from $33, 280 the two previous years. His total pay in 2013 was $69, 989 because of modest gains from stock and option awards. The whopper came in 2012 when his total compensation was $78.1 million due to a big option award.

Musk’s pay last year paled compared to his other top executives.

The chief financial officer, Deepak Ahuja, had a salary of $338, 000 and with options, cashed out the year at $3.8 million. J.B. Straubel, the chief technology officer, has pay of $249, 600 and hit the jackpot for $17.1 million on the year.

Musk can see the big money whenever he’d like. He has 28.3 million shares, about 22% of all outstanding stock. At Wednesday’s closing price of $219.44, Musk is worth about $6.2 billion from Tesla stock alone.

Source: americasmarkets.usatoday.com

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