Tesla Motors' Elon Musk says Model X to arrive in fall

December 26, 2015 – 09:16 pm

If you love the idea of owning an electric vehicle from a start-up automaker but find the Tesla Model S too small for your rugged/schleppy/soccer-parent lifestyle, we have good news: according to Bloomberg, Tesla is on-track to deliver its new Model X crossover within the next three or four months.

That comes directly from the mouth of CEO Elon Musk, who made the announcement yesterday during Tesla Motors’ annual shareholders meeting in Mountain View, California. If the statement proves true, it will keep Tesla on its original production schedule, which had indicated that the Model X would appear during the third quarter of the year.

And even if it's delayed a bit, there's no denying that Tesla seems to have hit a turning point. True, the company is notorious for driving its PR team to shower the web with good news about Tesla, so we may be getting a slightly rosy view of its endeavors. However, it's clear that the investments that Musk and Co. have made since the company's launch in 2003 are beginning to pay serious dividends. In addition to the arrival of the Model X, which is likely to be a strong seller in crossover-crazy America:

  • Tesla is well into work on its next car, the Model 3, which is due to arrive in 2017 with a starting price around $35, 000.

That's not to say that Tesla has an easy road ahead of it - we saw evidence of that last week as Texas shut down the company's attempts to sell vehicles directly to consumers. Nor is it to say that Tesla is done with investments - if anything, the company and its CEO's pockets are likely to get far shallower in the coming years. And let's not forget: there are many in the auto industry aiming to outdo Tesla with competing models.

Source: www.csmonitor.com

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