Apple's Ive; Elon Musk's Martian Quest

July 9, 2018 – 06:01 pm

Every week, CIO Journal offers a glimpse into the mind of the CEO, whose view of technology is shaped by stories in management journals, general interest magazines and, of course, in-flight publications.

Is he called a genius? Indeed, of the “under-the-radar” sort. But he is “first and foremost a masterly product designer.”
Zen references? Mr. Ive “has a calming presence like the Apple campus itself, whose very address, Infinite Loop, lulls you into a sense of Zen-ness.”
Koan-like thoughts? “I think our goal is that you would have a sense that it wasn’t design.”
And a manner befitting such thoughts? “Jony is humble and private, and he doesn’t wear his achievements on his sleeve”…. “He’s not distracted by any veneer of glamour.”
A monastic retreat? In San Francisco. Pacific Heights mansion, $17 million.
Tea? Yes. Please. To be nursed in a “white mug.”
Reference to Bono? Almost two paragraphs worth.
Steve Jobs? The design team cranked up the techno “whenever the famously brusque Jobs entered the studio.”
Which one talked about drinking pints with Jony? Guess.
Apple Watch money shot? “Then he wants you to feel the connections, the magnets in the strap, the buckle, to witness the soft but solid snap, which he just loves as an interaction with design, a pure, tactile idea. ‘Isn’t that fantastic?’…’It makes this fantastic k-chit.’ He was nearly whispering.”

Yvette Vela/AP Photo/The Brownsville Herald A sign indicating the future site of SpaceX launch site at the Boca Chica Launch Site in Texas, Sept. 22, 2014.


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