SpaceX Completes Road to Launch Pad

July 20, 2016 – 04:39 pm

LC39Aimage1Launch Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, Florida, continues to take shape as SpaceX has completed the road from its processing hangar to the top of the launch stand.

A transporter-erector will move the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets to position them above the flame trench for liftoff on flights carrying astronauts to the International Space Station and other launches.

The rockets and Crew Dragon spacecraft will be processed in the hangar being built at the base of the pad. The company also continues upgrading the launch structure and pad area to modernize the facilities that supported historic launches of the Apollo-Saturn V missions and space shuttles.

LC39Aimage2 LC39a_3


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  • avatar What are the launches of nasa?
    • why dont you get the information on yourself. people can edit these things and tell you fibs so dont use this u people. you guys are just getting fake information from people.

  • avatar What country launched NASA?
    • NASA was launched by America in 1958, before that it was NACA which was launched in 1915 and was ended in 1958 when NASA launched, this year NASA would complete its 50th Anniversary.