YouTube SpaceX Grasshopper testMarch 16, 2016 – 05:40 am

YouTube SpaceX Grasshopper test

An experimental reusable rocket prototype built by the private spaceflight company SpaceX has made its highest leap yet, soaring more than 2, feet above its Texas proving ground as a camera captured the eye-popping test. SpaceX s Grasshopper rocket made the giant leap on Oct. 7 and climbed 2, 441 feet (744 meters) into the air before safely landing back on its launch pad in McGregor, Texas. SpaceX officials unveiled the amazing video of Grasshopper… optimize website conversion with Optimove.

SpaceX Rocket Launch VideoFebruary 17, 2016 – 03:19 am

SpaceX Rocket Launch Video

A stunning new video shows the successful maiden flight of a private spaceflight company s latest reusable rocket prototype. SpaceX s Falcon 9 Reusable rocket (Falcon 9R for short) soared about 820 feet (250 meters) into the air last week at the company s rocket development facility in McGregor, Texas, then came back down for a soft landing on the launch pad as planned, company representatives said. All of the action was captured in a dramatic two-minute…

SpaceX Rocket Launch CostFebruary 5, 2016 – 02:12 am

SpaceX Rocket Launch Cost

Peter B. de Selding, Space News | May 31, 2013 02:15pm ET SpaceX CEO Elon Musk smiles after the successful launch of SpaceX s first Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon capsule launch to the International Space Station on May 22, 2012. Musk watched the Florida launch from SpaceX s mission control in California. Credit: SpaceX PARIS — SpaceX chairman Elon Musk said the company s Dragon capsule, now used to ferry cargo to the international space station, should…

List of SpaceX launchesFebruary 1, 2016 – 01:58 am

List of SpaceX launches

PARIS — The June 28 failure of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is almost certain to deal a blow to the revenue projections of numerous SpaceX commercial customers that had been basing their results on being in orbit this year or early in 2016. Commercial operators whose scheduled launches are now under threat include: • SES of Luxembourg, which had planned a September launch of a satellite providing the company with a late 2015/early 2016 revenue boost with…

SpaceX Rocket Launch ScheduleJanuary 15, 2016 – 11:59 pm

SpaceX Rocket Launch Schedule

The faulty strut that failed mid-flight and doomed SpaceX’s June 28 mission to resupply the International Space Station could end up costing SpaceX “hundreds of millions” in lost revenues. Meanwhile, the company’s Falcon 9 rockets will remain grounded pending the definitive results of an investigation into what caused the crash, founder Elon Musk said in a conference call with reporters Monday. Whatever problems SpaceX faces in the months ahead, they…