SpaceX Stock: How Much Is It Worth?

September 2, 2015 – 09:10 pm

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This article was updated on Aug. 17, 2015.

SpaceX sent the AsiaSat 6 satellite sent into orbit aboard a Falcon 9 rocket on Sept. 8, 2014. Image source: SpaceX.

PayPal co-founder and serial high-tech entrepreneur Elon Musk is juggling leadership roles at three of the 21st century's hottest enterprises: electric-car maker Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA ), solar panel lessor SolarCity (NASDAQ: SCTY ), and space launch company SpaceX. Over the past 12 months, SolarCity has incurred $28 million in losses, and Tesla lost 18 times that. SpaceX, in contrast, is said to be both profitable on a generally accepted accounting principles basis, and cash flow positive to boot.

Unfortunately, you can't own it. So far, Musk is keeping SpaceX private. Of his three companies, SpaceX is the only one that's making money... and the only one that has not IPO'ed.

But what if it did?
The good news for investors is that for one reason or another, companies - even profitable, popular companies like SpaceX, which probably don't really need to - very often eventually go public. One day, we might all have a chance to own a piece of SpaceX. But if and when that day arrives, how much should we pay for this stock?

Up until this year, the most recent known sale of SpaceX equity occurred in, when the company raised $50.6 million in capital from an equity offering. This offering followed a offering of $60 million worth of SpaceX equity.

Prior to that, the company raised $29 million in, $30 million in, $50 million in, and $10.1 million and $15 million in August and, respectively. Tally it all up, plus an additional $100 million initial investment from Elon Musk himself, and we can assume that, because SpaceX is known to be profitable, its stock is worth at least $345 million.

In fact, SpaceX stock is probably worth quite a bit more than that. Figuring out how much more, though, is tricky.


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