Why does SpaceX not use the Crew Dragon for CRS missions to test it?

April 14, 2016 – 07:49 am

enter image description hereThe port the Shuttle is using in that image is the PMA, (Pressurized Mating Adapter) and it is getting an upgrade in June 2015 when the SpaceX Dragon CRS-7 mission delivers the LIDS adapter for the PMA. This is where the Commercial Crew vehicles will dock. (Third port type is on the Russian segment where Progress, Soyuz, and ATV dock).

The Commercial Cargo vehicles use the CBM (Common Berthing Method) ports, that require capture by the CanadArm and manual intervention. Crew will use PMA since it can dock on its own and leave on its own, quickly. A CBM berth will take too long to depart in the case of an emergency.

CBM's are wider than PMA ports, so larger cargo can be moved in one piece, which is why this was preferred for cargo.

Source: space.stackexchange.com

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