SpaceX tJune 5, 2018 – 06:08 pm

SpaceX t

SpaceX plans to launch an unmanned test model of the company’s Dragon crew capsule Wednesday on a whirlwind 107-second flight through the skies over Cape Canaveral. The 8-ton prototype spaceship will only reach a mile an altitude, but the trial aims to verify the Dragon capsule can safely escape from a launch failure and save its occupants from a potentially explosive mishap. SpaceX says the human-rated spacecraft, which it calls Crew Dragon, will… Xyz boris lozhkin

SpaceX Dragon Cargo CraftMay 31, 2018 – 05:57 pm

SpaceX Dragon Cargo Craft

Days after receiving a contract to build spacecraft that will ferry astronauts to the International Space Station, SpaceX launched its Dragon spacecraft, loaded with supplies and scientific experiments to the orbiting station. Once the first and then the second-stage engines fell away from the spacecraft, the Dragon’s pair of solar-array wings unfurled, recharging the spacecraft’s batteries. Dragon is now in the midst of a two-day trip to the space…

SpaceX Dragon Mission TimelineMay 30, 2018 – 05:57 pm

SpaceX Dragon Mission Timeline

SpaceX Pad Abort Test vehicle poised for May 6, 2015 test flight from SpaceX’s Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Credit: SpaceX The first critical test flight of SpaceX s crewed Dragon that will soon launch American astronauts back to orbit and the International Space Station (ISS) from American soil is now less than two days away. The test flight – called the Pad Abort Test – is slated for the early morning hours of Wednesday…

SpaceX Dragon capsule returnMay 24, 2018 – 05:38 pm

SpaceX Dragon capsule return

European Space Agency astronaut Sam Cristoforetti captured this shot of SpaceX’s Dragon cargo capsule leaving the International Space Station on May 21, 2015. “Look carefully.. you ll see #Dragon resting on the horizon, ” she tweeted along with the photo. Credit: Samantha Cristoforetti, via Twitter as @AstroSamantha Two other unmanned freighters currently visit the International Space Station: Japan s H-II Transfer Vehicle and Russia s Progress spacecraft…

YouTube SpaceX Rocket explodesMay 20, 2018 – 05:32 pm

YouTube SpaceX Rocket explodes

SpaceX has released a video of the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket touching down on a floating platform during an attempted landing before toppling over and exploding. It was the company s unsuccessful second attempt to land the rocket in an effort to develop a booster rocket that can be reused on future space missions. During Tuesday s launch, the rocket successfully sent an unmanned Dragon cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station before…

SpaceX Dragon Cost per LaunchMay 18, 2018 – 05:22 pm

SpaceX Dragon Cost per Launch

The arrival of SpaceX s Dragon cargo capsule at the International Space Station will be delayed due to a problem with its thrusters. NBC s Tom Costello reports. The commercial SpaceX rocket venture launched its unmanned Dragon capsule on a cargo run to the International Space Station on Friday, and then spent hours addressing a gnarly problem with the Dragon s thruster system. The problem was solved, but not before it forced at least a day s delay…

Tesla SpaceX CrashMay 13, 2018 – 05:12 pm

Tesla SpaceX Crash

SpaceX Elon Musk isn t a shy guy. He likes to share, sometimes a bit too much, and the latest example of that took place on 16 January, when he tweeted and even posted videos of his space company s Falcon 9 rocket crashing into a drone ship. Most executives would put a public relations spin on the whole thing, but not Musk. He embraced social media and used the crash as a way to show the world what SpaceX has been up to lately. READ: Elon Musk s Hyperloop…