SpaceX CRS 3 Launch TimeMay 9, 2018 – 05:01 pm

SpaceX CRS 3 Launch Time

SpaceX made a late postponement to the CRS-3/SpX-3 mission to the International Space Station on Thursday, citing “open items” that require additional time to remedy. The launch – which was originally set for March 16 – will have to wait until the end of the month at the earliest, as Dragon sets her sights on a new opportunity afforded to her in the busy launch and Visiting Vehicle schedules, both on the Eastern Range and at the orbital outpost. CRS-3:… Download free internet window washer.

SpaceX Dragon EyeMay 5, 2018 – 04:56 pm

SpaceX Dragon Eye

The DragonEye (DE) relative navigation sensor – set to ride with Discovery on STS-133 – will be installed two weeks later than planned, following a laser rod failure during testing. Discovery – currently enjoying a smooth processing flow – will be conducting the second test for the sensor during her arrival at the International Space Station (ISS) in November. STS-133 Processing Latest: Discovery is in trouble-free flow, with all of her recent processing…

SpaceX Dragon Mission ControlMay 3, 2018 – 04:46 pm

SpaceX Dragon Mission Control

SpaceX began the Pacific Ocean recovery of the company s third commercial re-supply mission to the International Space Station Sunday afternoon, capping a month-long round trip that featured the delivery of nearly 5, pounds of cargo and the return of more than 3, 500 pounds of station hardware and scientific equipment, including perishable research samples. Dragon splashed down under parachute 350 miles west of Baja, Calif., at 3:05 p.m., EDT. Dragon…

What is SpaceX Company?April 27, 2018 – 04:13 pm

What is SpaceX Company?

Overall, deal activity has increased for three straight years now, with 2015 already reaching a four-year high in both deals and dollars invested into space companies at nearly $1.17B across 21 deals, largely anchored by SpaceX’s $1B Series D from Google and Fidelity Investments. Despite the uptick in deals and dollars, just five VC-backed space companies have raised $20M or more. Musk’s space-travel startup SpaceX is far and away the leader, with…

Importance of SpaceX DragonApril 25, 2018 – 04:11 pm

Importance of SpaceX Dragon

When SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft heads uphill at the end of the month, the young spacecraft has a long set of objectives to pass prior to being given permission to arrive at the International Space Station (ISS). However, should Dragon achieve the historic first, it will not only provide some welcome cargo, but it will have the opportunity to show off its downmass ability. Dragon Mission C2+: As such, SpaceX’s four leaf clover – once again making the…

SpaceX Job interviewApril 24, 2018 – 04:11 pm

SpaceX Job interview

Despite its unprepossessing exterior, this SpaceX facility is ground zero for a possible revolution in space access. (credit: Ken Gosier, Space Frontier Foundation) [Editor’s Note: Sam Dinkin recently went on a tour of SpaceX’s facilities in El Segundo, California, as part of a group that won the tour in a silent auction at last October’s Space Frontier Conference. The tour was recorded with the permission of SpaceX. The following is the first part…