SpaceX Dragon manned capsuleApril 20, 2018 – 04:09 pm

SpaceX Dragon manned capsule

SpaceX s Dragon crew capsule is scheduled to undergo a test that will simulate an emergency launch abort on May 6, 2015. Credit: SpaceX The manned version of SpaceX s Dragon capsule will take to the air Wednesday (May 6) in a critical test of its launch-emergency systems. If all goes according to plan, Dragon s eight SuperDraco engines will blast the capsule about 5, feet (1, 524 meters) into the air, NASA officials said. The spacecraft will then…

SpaceX Dragon Launch to ISSApril 19, 2018 – 04:08 pm

SpaceX Dragon Launch to ISS

SpaceX is readying a Falcon 9 rocket and a Dragon cargo ship for launch Sunday to deliver more than 4, pounds of equipment, supplies and science gear to the International Space Station, including the first of two new docking adapters needed to capture American crew capsules being built by Boeing and SpaceX. The science instruments and supplies cover a wide range of disciplines, including work to help figure out what is causing vision problems in…

SpaceX Rocket Bahamas BeachApril 14, 2018 – 03:56 pm

SpaceX Rocket Bahamas Beach

WASHINGTON — SpaceX has agreed to retrieve the Falcon 9 fairing that washed up on the tiny Bahamian island of Elbow Cay in late May. SpaceX sent someone to the island “to retrieve some data recorders and cameras and to ensure that the fairing is properly disposed of, ” company spokesman John Taylor wrote in a June 3 email. Eichelberger was thrilled with the find, but not everyone felt that way. “We are on a small island and there is no dump here… برنامج تهكير الالعاب

SpaceX Dragon capsule Links With Space StationApril 9, 2018 – 03:49 pm

SpaceX Dragon capsule Links With Space Station

*A replacement nanosatellite for Planetary Resources, an aspiring asteroid mining outfit that lost its Arkyd 3 technology demonstrator during Orbital ATK’s botched Antares launch in October. Comprised of three CubeSats, Arkyd 3 will be deployed from the station’s Kibo module by NanoRack’s satellite launcher. *14 Earth-observation CubeSats, called Doves and owned by San Francisco-based Planet Labs. *20 mice that will serve as subjects for an experiment…