SpaceX Dragon ISS dockingJune 25, 2017 – 08:11 am

SpaceX Dragon ISS docking

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL – In the span of mere moments, euphoria at the dawn of a dazzling Dragon liftoff atop a commercial SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying critical science, supplies and docking components for NASA’s upcoming crewed spaceships to the International Space Station (ISS), turned to doom and gloom as the Dragon cargo ship disintegrated in mid-air, to the shock of everyone watching under sun drenched skies along the Florida space coast…

SpaceX Dragon crew configurationJune 23, 2017 – 08:04 am

SpaceX Dragon crew configuration

By Nancy Atkinson So much for the idea that space capsules are cramped and can only carry a limited crew. SpaceX revealed a prototype for their new crew cabin design, as they conducted a joint daylong review with NASA of the Dragon crew vehicle layout. In this configuration, the Dragon will be able to carry a crew of seven, the same number the space shuttle could carry. Using a Dragon engineering model equipped with seats and representations of crew…

SpaceX CostJune 22, 2017 – 08:02 am

SpaceX Cost

Share This article Updated @ 16:57 April 14: Bad news — there was a helium leak on the Falcon 9 rocket’s first stage, and so the launch of CRS-8 has been postponed until repairs are made. SpaceX now tentatively hopes to launch CRS-3 on April 18. Updated @ 13:40 April 14: After a couple of delays, SpaceX’s CRS-3 resupply mission to the International Space Station is finally go for takeoff. Launch is scheduled to occur at 16:58 EDT (21:58 UK time) from… تجهیزات استودیو

What Time is SpaceX Launch?June 21, 2017 – 07:58 am

What Time is SpaceX Launch?

The launch of SpaceX’s next resupply mission to the International Space Station has been rescheduled for no earlier than Dec. 19 to make sure the Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon supply ship are ready for flight, NASA said Thursday. The liftoff was set for Dec. 16, but officials ordered the three-day delay to allow SpaceX to “take extra time to ensure they do everything possible on the ground to prepare for a successful launch, ” NASA said in a statement…

SpaceX Red Dragon capsuleJune 18, 2017 – 07:56 am

SpaceX Red Dragon capsule

SpaceX s Falcon 9 rocket lifts off on Dec. 8, 2010, with the company s first Dragon spacecraft. Three hours and 20 minutes later, the capsule splashed down in the Pacific Ocean, marking a first for a non-governmental entity. SpaceX is developing the Dragon capsule under a NASA contract to resupply the International Space Station. The company also hopes NASA will use a human-rated version of Dragon to ferry astronauts to and from the orbiting lab…

SpaceX Dragon mannedJune 17, 2017 – 07:49 am

SpaceX Dragon manned

You won t have to wait much longer to see what SpaceX s manned Dragon capsule is like in action. SpaceX now expects to conduct its promised Crew Dragon launch pad abort test (the craft s first major test) on May 6th, with things kicking off as early as 7AM Eastern. The point of the system is to make sure the crew and spacecraft have a way to escape if there s a problem with the rocket, and according to SpaceX, is an option from launch all the way…

SpaceX Launch Failure June 2015June 13, 2017 – 07:38 am

SpaceX Launch Failure June 2015

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — An unmanned SpaceX rocket carrying supplies and a first-of-its-kind docking port to the International Space Station broke apart Sunday shortly after liftoff. It was a severe blow to NASA, still reeling from previous failed shipments. The accident happened about 2 1/2 minutes into the flight from Cape Canaveral, Florida. A billowing white cloud emerged in the sky, growing bigger and bigger, then fiery plumes shot out of where…

SpaceX Dragon ground trackJune 7, 2017 – 07:16 am

SpaceX Dragon ground track

Weather forecasters will be on the lookout for rain showers and thunderstorms during Monday’s scheduled launch of a SpaceX cargo craft to the International Space Station, but there is a 60 percent chance conditions at Cape Canaveral will permit liftoff. SpaceX ground crews have mated the Falcon 9 rocket with its Dragon capsule payload ahead of a customary preflight engine test Saturday. The launch team will fuel the 208-foot-tall Falcon 9 rocket with…

Watch SpaceX LaunchMay 31, 2017 – 07:03 am

Watch SpaceX Launch

4465632 Update: Due to high winds, the launch has been postponed until Wednesday at 6:03 p.m. EST. SpaceX is scheduled to make a third attempt at launching its furthest mission yet Tuesday, when the company’s Falcon 9 rocket will propel a NASA satellite into deep space before returning to Earth for a second rocket landing attempt. The rocket will launch NASA’s new Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) satellite to Lagrange point 1 (L1), a stable…

SpaceX Dragon Project CostMay 30, 2017 – 06:49 am

SpaceX Dragon Project Cost

Dragon V2 – SpaceX’s next generation spacecraft designed to carry astronauts to space. The unveiling will take place on May 29, 2014. Credit: SpaceX (via Twitter as @SpaceX) SpaceX CEO Elon Musk hinted at tonight s major Dragon reveal on April 29 in Twitter posts announcing the manned spacecraft s unveiling. Since then, the company s latest unmanned Dragon capsule returned from space after a month-long voyage to the International Space Station. It…