STS-133: SpaceX’s DragonEye set for late installation on Discovery

May 5, 2018 – 04:56 pm

The DragonEye (DE) relative navigation sensor – set to ride with Discovery on STS-133 – will be installed two weeks later than planned, following a laser rod failure during testing. Discovery – currently enjoying a smooth processing flow – will be conducting the second test for the sensor during her arrival at the International Space Station (ISS) in November.

STS-133 Processing Latest:

Discovery is in trouble-free flow, with all of her recent processing “highlights” now at a conclusion.

They include the re-installation of her three Space Shuttle Main Engines (SSMEs) – following an issue with a turbo pump on Main Engine 1 (ME-1), and the re-installation of her Right Orbital Maneuvering System (ROMS) pod.

As part of the re-installation of the ROMS, engineers are scheduled to perform isolation valve verification tests on the right hand OMS pod piping and test the heater and thruster for the Right Reaction Control System (RRCS) during the early part of this week’s flow.

Over the weekend, engineers connected two anhydrous ammonia bottles to the orbiter using Quick Disconnect (QD) lines to service Discovery’s ammonia boiler system. The ammonia boiler system is used on the runway prior to ground cooling and supports an emergency return and landing in the unlikely event it is needed.

This work has been previously delayed due to leaks in the associated Ground Support Equipment (GSE), which was repaired for the weekend task.

“OV-103 (OPF Bay 3): Ammonia servicing was completed over the weekend. SSME heat shield installations were completed Friday. Splice line closeouts are scheduled to begin, ” noted the NASA Test Director (NTD) processing latest (L2). Orbiter Instrumentation Unit (OIU) checkout and testing was completed on Friday.

“RH OMS pod isolation valve verification, RRCS thruster checks and heater tests are scheduled. IPR-0005 (Interim Problem Report) coax removal was completed Friday. Replacement cable installation is scheduled. DPS (Data Processing System) complex computer checkout is scheduled for Tuesday.”


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