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June 30, 2016 – 02:12 pm
File:SpaceX Dragon COTS Demo 1 logo.png Non-free media information and use rationale – non-free logo for SpaceX COTS Demo Flight 1 Description

This is a logo for infobox.


Space X, press kit


The entire logo is used to convey the meaning intended and avoid tarnishing or misrepresenting the intended image.

The logo is of a size and resolution sufficient to maintain the quality intended by the company or organization, without being unnecessarily high resolution.

The image is used to identify infobox, a notable product or service. The significance of the logo is to help the reader identify the product or service, assure the readers that they have reached the right article containing critical commentary about that product or service, and illustrate branding associations of the product or service in a way that words alone could not convey.

Because it is a non-free logo, there is almost certainly no free representation. Any substitute that is not a derivative work would fail to convey the meaning intended, would tarnish or misrepresent its image, or would fail its purpose of identification or commentary.

Use of the logo in the article complies with Wikipedia non-free content policy, logo guidelines, and fair use under United States copyright law as described above.



This is a of an organization, item, or event, and is protected by copyright. It is believed that the use of low-resolution images on the English-language Wikipedia, hosted on servers in the United States by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, of logos for certain uses involving identification and critical commentary may qualify as under United States copyright law. Certain commercial use of this image may also be trademark infringement. See Wikipedia:Non-free content and Wikipedia:Logos.

Use of the logo here does not imply endorsement of the organization by Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation, nor vice versa. Fair use

To the uploader:
  1. This tag is only for use on images of logos.
  2. This tag is not sufficient on its own. Please add a detailed for each use, as well as the source of the work and copyright information.
  3. may be helpful for stating the rationale.

Regarding uses other than in the original article:

  • A detailed is required for every article the logo is used in. Check the non-free use criteria and do not assume that existing rationales can be simply copied and pasted, as they may not necessarily apply.
To patrollers and administrators: If this image has an 'appropriate' rationale please append |image has rationale=yes as a parameter to the license template.


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