ISS Module Relocation 2015

January 29, 2017 – 06:37 pm

imageIn preparation for future Crew and cargo vehicles in 2017, the ISS will have a new Module Relocation and the addition of a new docking system, the International Docking Adapters 1 and 2. These IDA 1 and 2 will fly on SpaceX Dragon CRS-7 and CRS-9 respectively, and will be installed on both PMA-2 and PMA-3.
Currently, the station has one usable port for docking, the PMA-2 located on the forward end of Node 2 “Harmony”. The other PMA-3 is on the port side of Node 3 and it is inaccessible for docking.image The IDAs will be attached to the PMAs and will convert their APAS interfaces into new interfaces to be used by all future commercial crew vehicles.

On May 27, 2015, the Permanent Multipurpose Module “Leonardo” will be relocated from the Earth facing port of Unity (Node 1) to the forward port of Node 3 “Tranquility”.image At the present time, Node 2 zenith (top port) is currently designated as the back up berthing port, with the primary port being Node 2 Nadir (Earth facing port).
When PMA-3 is moved to Node 2 zenith, then the backup berthing port will no longer exist. To solve this issue, the PMM Leonardo needs to be relocated in order to free up Node 1 Nadir port (Earth facing port) for cargo vehicles.image This is the reason why this new module relocation needs to take place.
This graphic representation is an overview of the PMM relocation.

The following photos show my ISS paper model in a sequence to represent the new module relocation.

The Canadarm Robotic Arm is grappling the PMM to start the new relocation.

This view is from under the station showing the area where the PMM was originally located.

This is Node 3, the new home for the PMM Leonardo.

These pictures show the PMM at its new location.

With respect with the ISS paper model, the PMM Leonardo module needs to be carefully detached from the nadir port of Node 1 “Unity” and to be attached to the forward port of Node 3 “Tranquility”.


NASA Commercial Crew Human Spaceflight Program for Transport to the International Space Station (ISS): SpaceX Dragon and Boeing CST-100 Contracts, Safety Reviews, History and Update Reports
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