SpaceX Crew Dragon Takes Flight in Pad Abort Test

March 7, 2015 – 03:41 pm

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At 9:00 a.m. EDT (13:00 UTC), Crew Dragon’s eight SuperDraco engines ignited, pushing the spacecraft away from the launch pad. Just five seconds later, the burn was complete, with the vehicle reaching a top speed of 555 kilometers per hour (345 miles per hour). Dragon’s unpressurized trunk section was jettisoned, and two drogue parachutes were released to stabilize the vehicle. Three main parachutes deployed next, bringing the spacecraft in for a gentle splashdown off the Atlantic coast. The entire sequence lasted about one minute, forty seconds.

Dragon abort test stats: 0 to 100 mph in 1.2 sec, top speed of 345 mph

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

Abort!In a press statement prior to launch, SpaceX cautioned the nature of the test meant the odds of encountering problems were high. On the flight communications loop, the phrase “slightly below nominal” was heard—with Elon Musk confirming later one of the SuperDraco thrusters underperformed. Nonetheless, the test successfully demonstrated an end-to-end pad abort test. If NASA certifies the results, it will net the company $30 million as part of its original Commercial Crew integrated Capability award. SpaceX, along with Boeing, hopes to begin crewed flights to the International Space Station in 2017.


SpaceX's Crew Dragon rockets away from the launch pad during a pad abort test on May 6, 2015.
Trunk jettison
Crew Dragon jettisons its unpressurized trunk section.
Floating toward the Atlantic
Crew Dragon floats toward the Atlantic Ocean under its three main parachutes.
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  • avatar Will the reentry of the SpaceX Dragon after the upcoming mission be visible to the naked eye? Where?
    • It will be viewable from a boat four hundred miles west of Los Angeles. I suppose if it reentered at night, it would be viewable from some mid-Pacific location, like Micronesia.