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February 1, 2017 – 06:44 pm

I have been a member for about three weeks and find your updates and analyses outstanding. I have referred a number of friends to the site and recommended they become a member. Very nice work.

Without peer in open source intelligence.

I think you do a great job with what you produce. Keep up the great writing and analysis, it's as good or better than a great deal of the classified intel briefings I used to get.

As a subscriber paid up for the next few years, I find your thinking very refreshing and very rewarding for me personally. I have always thought the mainstream news media were a day late and a dollar short on most subtle issues. And of course elected political leaders were only interested in discussing issues in a way that would help their re-election chances.

Kudos to you guys for another excellent piece. Your premium subscription is my most important out of pocket professional expense. Your insight and analysis and willingness to admit your infrequent missed forecast makes STRATFOR the best daily resource I have.


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