FIRST Newsletter - October, 2013 - SpaceX Internship Winners

September 26, 2016 – 11:01 pm

SpaceX logo SpaceX Internship Winners Reach for the Stars

In the spring of 2013, FIRST was proud to partner with SpaceX, a company dedicated to building advanced rockets and spacecraft, to offer an internship to FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) and FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) high-school seniors. We received applications from many talented and eager students, who described the opportunity to get their designs into outer space as a “dream job.”

Winner Spencer Berglund from Rochester, Minnesota decided to apply for the internship because “what goes on at SpaceX is pretty much everything I am passionate about: space exploration, electrical engineering, astronomy, physics, etc., and a chance to work towards challenging goals in these areas is something I couldn’t pass up.”

The internship requires that the student is going on to major in engineering or a related field. The winners will complete their internships after completing part of their college studies. This is an opportunity for them to gain valuable experience, while further applying what they have learned in the FIRST programs. As Texas resident Nicholas McCoy said, “I have always had an interest in electronics and engineering. FIRST has given me the opportunity to apply and expand this interest at a much larger scale than I ever could with individual projects.”

SpaceX was impressed by the caliber of applicants, and has plans to continue the internship program in 2014. Congratulations to the fifteen winners in 2013!

Internship Winner Team Team Name Team Location
Oliver Graff FRC 3780 Robot Unicorn Attack Providence, RI
Thomas Teisberg FRC 619 Cavalier Robotics Charlottesville, VA
FTC 5903 Community Team Earlysville, VA
Nicholas McCoy FRC 1477 Texas Torque The Woodlands, TX
David Brighton FRC 3968 Higher Voltage Renton, WA
David Erlich FRC 2638 Rebels Great Neck, NY
Spencer Burglund FRC 2530 Inconceivable Rochester, MN
Corin Rypkema FRC 706 Cyberhawks Hartland, WI
James Carr FRC 3309 Friarbots Fullerton, CA
Titus Woo FRC 3528 Team Up Next Kansas City, MO
Julian Powell FRC 2928 Viking Robotics Seattle, WA
David Doan FRC 687 Nerd Herd Gardena, CA
Leonardo Chan FRC 604 Leland Chargers San Jose, CA
James Zandstra FRC 4256 Cyborgcats Town and Country, MO
Hunter McSwain FRC 1983 Skunkworks Auburn, WA
Stephen Slattery FRC 1732 Hilltoppers Milwaukee, WI


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