SpaceX Is About To Attempt Another Barge-Landing – Watch It Live!

November 10, 2017 – 08:55 am

SpaceX Is About To Attempt Another Barge-Landing – Watch It Live!After hanging out in storage for over a decade, the Deep Space Climate Observatory is finally being launched to monitor solar storms. The satellite is getting into space on the back of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, which means we're also counting down to another historic barge landing attempt!

Top image: SpaceX's autonomous drone barge has been repaired since the crash on the first attempt, and been decorated with a spiffy new name. Credit: SpaceX

SpaceX Is About To Attempt Another Barge-Landing – Watch It Live!The launch is scheduled for 6:10:12 p.m. EST out of Cape Canaveral Complex 40 launch pad in Florida. The weather is looking great with 90% chances of being acceptable during the launch window, with a bit of side-eye being directed at a cold-front and approaching clouds in the distance. Watch it live here:

Assuming the launch goes off on schedule, stage one separation will be less than three minutes later. While the rest of the spacecraft continues on its merry way, the Falcon 9 rocket booster will undergo a controlled reentry and attempt to land on the recently-named and repaired "Just Read The Instructions" drone ship in the Atlantic Ocean. Because this is a deep space mission, reentry will be tougher on the rocket booster. It will be trying to shed nearly four times as much heat as it battles its way back through the atmosphere.SpaceX Is About To Attempt Another Barge-Landing – Watch It Live! The landing attempt will not be live-broadcast, although we can cross our fingers for photos and videos along with the updates on the SpaceX webcast.

The Deep Space Climate Observatory under examination before getting packaged up as a SpaceX payload. Image credit: NASA/Ben Smegelsky

The Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR), was originally part of the Triana mission, built in the 1990s to track climate change and raise awareness for the issue.SpaceX Is About To Attempt Another Barge-Landing – Watch It Live! After the mission was cancelled, it has been loitering in storage awaiting a revised purpose. Now it has been repurposed to focus on tracking incoming cosmic storms, giving us a bit more warning before things go decidedly and unpleasantly pear-shaped.

DSCOVR's future home at the L1 Lagrange point. Image credit: NOAA

The satellite will be stationed at the L1 Earth-Sun Lagrange point, 1.5 million kilometers from home. From this location, the satellite will be in position to give us between 15 and 60 minutes warning of coronal mass ejection (CME), high-energy particles that can wreck havoc on delicate electronic fields.SpaceX Is About To Attempt Another Barge-Landing – Watch It Live! While we currently know when the storms are incoming, this satellite will improve our ability to predict where the storms will have the greatest impact. Along with monitoring solar storms, the Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera will be used to look back at Earth, giving us a new satellite source for full-planet photography. That the camera's acronym is EPIC says it all: I'm looking forward to seeing the assumably-epic views it sends home!

DSCOVR marks the first time SpaceX is responsible for a deep space launch, sending the refrigerator-sized probe more than four times farther away than the moon.

Falcon 9 rocket booster upright and on the pad awaiting the launch countdown. Image credit: NASA/Kim Shiflett


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