SpaceX Launches Falcon 9 Carrying DSCOVR Satellite

March 2, 2017 – 08:32 pm

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— SpaceX (@SpaceX)

Liftoff of #Falcon9 carrying #DSCOVR on SpaceX's 1st deep space mission

The launch was first scheduled to occur on Feb. 8, but was postponed after a critical radar-tracking system failed. Rescheduled for Feb. 10, the launch was scrubbed again "due to upper level winds, " according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

But on the third attempt, the weather cooperated, allowing what appeared to be a textbook launch for the unmanned rocket.

The original plan was for one of the boosters from the Falcon 9 rocket to return to Earth and land on a barge in the Atlantic Ocean. Such a landing is seen as an important step toward the development of reusable rockets that could dramatically reduce the costs of spaceflight. This aspect of the launch was dropped due to rough seas.

"The drone ship was designed to operate in all but the most extreme weather, " the company said in a written statement. "We are experiencing just such weather in the Atlantic with waves reaching up to three stories in height crashing over the decks. Also, only three of the drone ship’s four engines are functioning, making station-keeping in the face of such wave action extremely difficult."


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  • avatar Anyone know likely avenues of investigation for kernel launch failures that disappear when run under cuda-gdb? Memory assignments are within spec, launches fail on the same run of the same kernel every time, and (so far) it hasn't failed within the debugger.
    • cuda-gdb spills all shared memory and registers to local memory. So when something runs ok built for debugging and fails otherwise, it usually means out of bounds shared memory access. cuda-memcheck might help, depending on what sort of card you are using. Fermi is better than older cards in that respect.

      Casting my mind back to the bad old days, I remember having an ornery GT9500 which used to throw similar NV13 errors and have random code failures when running very memory intensive kernels with a lot of shared memory activity. Never when debugging. I put it down to bad hardware …