Vandenberg AFB Launch Schedule

March 30, 2016 – 06:47 am
A Taurus rocket carrying the ROCSAT-2 satellite lifts-off from Vandenberg AFBA Taurus rocket carrying Taiwan's ROCSAT-2 satellite lifts-off from Space Launch Complex 576E at Vandenberg AFB. To access launch photos, videos, and audio reports, visit the Vandenberg Rocket and Missile Launch Multimedia library. Image courtesy U.S. Air Force.

This schedule lists rocket and missile launches from Vandenberg AFB for the next several months. It is a composite of unclassified information approved for public release from government, industry, and other sources. This schedule is essentially accurate at the time of publication, but may disagree with other sources. Details on military launches are withheld until they are approved for public release. For detailed information about this schedule, refer to the Notes section below.

Date Vehicle Pad/Silo Comments
Fall Unknown Falcon 9 SLC-4E Vehicle will launch the Jason 3 scientific satellite. Launch delayed from July due to a spacecraft thruster problem. Spacecraft arrived at Vandenberg AFB on June 18. Launch delayed following the failed launch of a Falcon 9 in late June from Florida.
OCT 8 To be
Atlas V SLC-3 Vehicle will launch the classified NROL-55 payload for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office. The vehicle will also carry the following secondary payloads: AeroCube-5c and AeroCube-7 (Aerospace Corp.); three SNaP-3 spacecraft (Army Space and Missile Defense Center); two PropCube spacecraft (Tyvak); two SINOD-D spacecraft (SRI International); ARC-1 (University of Alaska-Fairbanks); BisonSat (Salish Kootenai College); Fox-1 (AMSAT); and LMRST-Sat (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
FEB 10 To be
Delta IV SLC-6 Vehicle will launch the classified NROL-45 payload for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office. The liquid propellant first stage will use two strap-on solid rocket motors.


  1. The dates and times in this schedule may not agree with those on other online launch schedules, including the official Vandenberg AFB schedule because different sources were used, the information was interpreted differently, and the schedules were updated at different times.
  2. The webmaster does not post the dates, launch windows, and times for military launches until they have been officially released by the Defense Department.
  3. The above schedule makes no distinction between Pacific Standard Time (PST) and Pacific Daylight Saving Time (PDT). PST is in effect from the first Sunday in November to the second Sunday in March. PDT is in effect from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November.
  4. The Pacific Time zone lags UTC by 7 or 8 hours, depending on the time of year. The time difference is as follows:

    2015 MAR 8 - 2015 NOV 1: Pacific Time = UTC -7 hours

    2015 NOV 1 - 2015 MAR 13: Pacific Time = UTC -8 hours

  5. With the exception of Minuteman III launches, launch dates are fluid and tend to change over time.
  6. Launches for all vehicles except the Pegasus XL are scheduled for the start of the launch window. Pegasus XL launch times are scheduled for the middle of the launch window.
  7. Prior to the launch of a classified payload, the exact launch time is kept secret until about T-18 to T-4 hours. The launch window is also secret and not made public. Instead of providing the launch window, the Air Force announces a launch period - a large block of time within which the launch window falls.


NET No earlier than
PDT Pacific Daylight Time
PST Pacific Standard Time
UTC Coordinated Universal Time


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