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Why you’re next iPhone should be pre-paid.  Cult of Mac did an awesome breakdown…and well you can save over $1000 over two years when compared to Verizon, ATT, and Sprint.
No word on tethering or the ability to go from CDMA to GSM.
But still…awesome

Why you’re next iPhone should be pre-paid.  Cult of Mac did an awesome breakdown…and well you can save over $1000 over two years when compared to Verizon, ATT, and Sprint.

No word on tethering or the ability to go from CDMA to GSM.

But still…awesome

Storytelling v Journalism and the Slow but Necessary Death of Theater

I love this American Life.  It’s an amazing podcast.  Probably the only podcast I consistently listen too.  A couple months ago, the same couple months when the NYTimes decided to release these great articles about the working conditions at the Foxconn Factories , this American Life had this slamming podcast about the working conditions found in these factories.  

Mike Daisey, the storyteller who was acting like a journalist and was able to secure a traveling monologue bullshit show called the The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobswhere he essentially talked about the things he supposedly saw over in China at the factories assembling our iLust after items. 

Well except, he lied. (He does look this big in real life and probably douchier as well)  He didn’t just kind of lie, he lied about almost everything. He lied so bad, the This American Life had to release a retraction story and made a whole episode about how much this douchebag lied.   You can, and should read the whole retraction in PDF form right here

Now…that should be that right?  Mike Daisey should issue an apology, the theaters should offer refunds, and they should probably shut the show down.  Ideally, Mr. Daisey would refund all ticket holders. Except, somehow, thru all this assbackwardness none of this has happened.  The only participant involved in the situation showing any sense of moral integrity is this American Life. 

Mike Daisey instead says the following:

"I stand by my work. My show is a theatrical piece whose goal is to create a human connection between our gorgeous devices and the brutal circumstances from which they emerge. It uses a combination of fact, memoir, and dramatic license to tell its story, and I believe it does so with integrity. Certainly, the comprehensive investigations undertaken by The New York Times and a number of labor rights groups to document conditions in electronics manufacturing would seem to bear this out.

What I do is not journalism. The tools of the theater are not the same as the tools of journalism. For this reason, I regret that I allowed THIS AMERICAN LIFE to air an excerpt from my monologue. THIS AMERICAN LIFE is essentially a journalistic ­- not a theatrical ­- enterprise, and as such it operates under a different set of rules and expectations. But this is my only regret.”

(Normally, I take out a lot of clutter, but this is so much bullshit I’m just going to cross it out)

My biggest gripe about Mr. Daisey’s work is that all the circumstance and reason he lists are lies.  It’s not a combination of current and relevant facts…it’s a combination of old reports and research and fabricated stories he made up.  Essentially, a crock of old facts that have been resolved/addressed, and very over sensationalized stories that he made up.

Yet he doesn’t mention his method but instead hides behind the veil of storytelling.

Not only does he hide behind storytelling, he even has the audacity to explain that what he does is not journalism.  And sure that argument flies, except he kept on lying to This American Life about his story so that they would run it as journalism.  It was made clear from the start that This American Life holds their podcasts and content to the standards of journalism (which isn’t that high these days anyway). But instead Mr. Daisey lied, lied, and kept on lying to get the publicity for people to see his show.  

No one should give a rats tail how or why he comes up with a story…but that he lied again and again to get publicity and financially benefit from those lies.  

So if Mr. Daisey isn’t going to have any integrity for himself, than one should expect his industry to hold some kind of integrity.

But instead the theater industry has this to say….

"When I contacted theater companies on Friday afternoon, it was evident that they were more taken with the “engaging” nature of Daisey’s show rather than its veracity. DJ from New York’s The Public Theater informed me that the three remaining performances of Daisey’s show scheduled on Saturday and Sunday were still on. There were no plans to cancel.

But what of theatergoers who might have believed that Daisey’s story is real and who booked tickets in advance of these allegations?

“We don’t offer refunds,” said DJ.

Burlington’s Flynn Center will not be canceling Daisey’s March 31st show.” 

Is this the freakin standard?  

Earlier this week I talked about society’s moral bankruptcy. The response from Mr. Daisey and Public Theater further reaffirm this.  

I love public theater, public radio, public TV, and great stories, great journalism, etc. but this senseless lack of care by public theater needs to stop.  Old media is dying and it seems like old media (public theater especially) doen’t really care.

And after their handling of this issue, their death probably can’t come soon enough.  I believe the majority of society doesn’t care about this lone douchebag’s act of douchiness, but society hates getting lied too.  Society loves compelling stories, really loves compelling stories based off fact, and hates being lied too.  

If the old guard can only stay relevant by lying and shortchanging the public and its audiences, then they should just stop everything they’re doing and die. 

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